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City Visits


Bordeaux is a World Heritage Site and definitely worth a visit.

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There are several ways to travel there;

1. Drive to the centre and park at one of the many car parks. The journey will take 90 minutes

2. Drive to the Rocade (ring road) which takes one hour and park at the Park & Tram and enjoy the smooth ride to the centre in a super new tram.

3. Leave you car at the Sainte-Foy-La-Grande train station in and travel to Bordeaux centre by train.

A visit is not complete without a trip to the Cite de Vin a unique experience in Europe completely dedicated to the culture of wine.

Bordeaux Top 10 attractions


Toulouse sits near the Spanish border and is known as La Ville Rose (‘The Pink City’) due to the terra-cotta bricks used in many of its buildings. Its enchanting Vieux Quartier (Old Quarter) is a dreamy jumble of coral-coloured shopfronts and churches.

Allow 2 1/4 hours by car and enjoy the convenience of the park & ride


Medieval Bergerac is only 20 minutes from both La Grange and has much to offer for tourists.

Quaint narrow pedestrian streets with a range of restaurants and shopping, range of markets, river cruises on traditional boats, tobacco museum and wine experiences. 

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